So Excited!

I have a million things to do right now, but just had to take a second to say how exited I am. Tomorrow is my big shower that the girls are throwing for me.

First, it’s just awesome that the girls are going to so much trouble and I love them so much for showering me with love like this. It sounds like there have been all sorts of plans and preparations and I am super excited!

Second, I am stoked to say that more out-of-town guests are showing up than I would have imagined! Amy and Ali, who helped organize this shindig, are both going to make it. Not that I’m not delighted they’re coming, but I was definitely counting on them to make it, being some of my oldest and dearest buds. Additionally, Monica is coming in from Austin, and Lindsay is coming in from Dallas!

They’re all crashing at my place, which makes me even happier. Oh, and Linz is bringing 4-month-old Ian, so we’ll have a real-life prop for the shower!!

OK, I hafta get back to work and get the house prepped for everybody’s arrival!

  1. Cristin’s avatar

    Yays! I’m really excited too! See you this afternoon:)