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Birthday Cake

Did I mention how cool Dave is? He made me an awesome dinner and a spectacular cake for my birthday, and had Mom arrive just in time to celebrate with us.

The cake is called “In the Pink” and is from a Duncan Hines cake mix cookbook. It’s a lemon cake with a layer of pink lemonade ice cream and pink lemon frosting. I LOVED it!! Super yummy! He is so talented!

My Cake!

Happy Girl

I’ll take mine with sprinkles, please

This cake was way better than the one David Bowie made for me.

The cake went perfectly with my kushy new Red Envelope slippers from my nephews, Nolan and Jonah!
Pretty in Pink!

Oh, and dinner was broiled fish with a healthy grain and vegetable medley. But it wasn’t as good as the cake. 🙂

Birthday Dinner

Oh look!

Someone made me a cake!
More cake!
But why is he blowing out my candles for me…?

Happy Birthday to Me!

It’s my birthday. I started off the day with breakfast in bed, thanks to my honey and my baby boy. 😉 Love you two!

How many candles?

On the 20th, the kitties turned 10.

Happy Birthday Billy!
Jeni Henry and Billy

Happy Birthday Cayce!
Cayce in profile

Saturday night at Fishmongers we celebrated Dave’s birthday with Mom, Gene, Kerri, and Beany.
It was awesome!

First we stuffed ourselves silly.

And then Dave got to open lots of presents!!
Kerri & Dave

Gene, with Mom giving advice.
Gene & Mom

I am America (and So Can You)
Stephen Colbert book

Jeni and Beany
Jeni & Beany

I’m Just Here for the Food
Dave with Alton Brown book

Dave’s New Car
Bumblebee ZipZap

Terrific Ice Cream Cake from Maggie Moos
Ice Cream Cake

Happy Birthday sweetie!

Yesterday was Dave’s birthday, so we went to a nice dinner at Mo’s Diner downtown. Pretty tasty, especially the dessert!

Happy Birthday Honey!

Dining by Candlelight

Yay! Granma made me a yummy cake!
Birthday Cake 07-2

Birthday Cake 07-1

Sylvie Louise

Or, as my mom calls her, Sillie Louie. 🙂 Isn’t she precious? She just turned 12!

Taking inspiration from Ele, I gathered flowers from my yard and left them at my mom’s doorstep, with a card.

Ele sweetly invited Dave and I to her birthday brunch on Sunday (Mother’s Day). We went to Humble Pie. She had cute little seating cards for all of us and was dressed in her fabulous new dress. She’s such a cute girlie-girl!

It’s been ages since I had brunch at Humble Pie, and it was tasty! We had a really nice time. We got to talk with Will’s mom and her husband, Will and Ele, Will’s little sister, and Molly and Matthew. We couldn’t really hear the rest of the table. I enjoyed talking with Molly and Matthew, they seem like a sweet couple. I learned that Molly sometimes reads my blog, so a shout out to you, Molly! 🙂

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